Friday, August 02, 2013

Playing With Color Space

I am feeling hungry.

I don't know if this is because it's that certain time of the day where your stomach or intestines are digesting the food you ate and stored in the insides of your body. Or am I just feeling too bad that it is manifesting itself through my tummy? Either way, I'm not feeling good about it.

I came home late tonight, at about 10 PM. [I still said 'tonight' even though it's already 45 minutes past midnight since the sky is still dark.] After my classes ended at 5 PM, I went home just to eat dinner and to charge *Neyam's battery for while. The Manila Baptist Church Anniversary Choir has a rehearsal from 7-9 PM, so the coverage team (that's where I belong) used this time to practice taking photos and videos for this coming Sunday's big event at the Star Theatre. The practice went well, and I learned to play with the color space a bit. The only thing left for me to practice is to follow the choir's movement and avoid blurred shots. :)

One of my colleagues in the coverage team (Raymond Joshua De Vera) would be handling a really awesome video recorder, like the one used by camera-persons on televisions. High quality video, 88mm maximum distance, smooth video movements and focus transitions. I'd really be happy if I'd have something like that. =)) I don't wanna look up the price for things like those, though. :))

Segue: I'm planning to change my blog's title and subtitle. Can't think of something meaningful and edifying yet.
EDIT: A few changes here and there. ;)

Well then, here's my very first post for the month of August. Happy 45th Anniversary of God's faithfulness, Manila Baptist Church! :D #proudMBCer

*Neyam's the name I've given to my SLR. :>

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