Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Big Letter "G"

Whenever I think of my blog and its contents, the idea of it being the outlet for my feelings always comes back to mind. I'm not a perfect person, and not everything I feel is always good. It is my Christian duty to filter and always check what could be read and found in my blog. Every time I am going to make a post, there are questions in my mind that should be answered first before it is published. Does it glorify God? Is it edifying? Will it offend someone else?

In a world where anything is just a click or touch away, one could find a million things about one mere keyword being typed or searched for. Among those information that we can obtain, how much of them are morally and spiritually correct? Something to ponder on, since we are living in the era of post-modernism where there is no absolute right or wrong.

A radio preacher was talking about atheism, one night while I'm tuned in. It is disheartening to think, that most people don't believe in the true God anymore. I can't exactly remember where I heard this from, but I overheard a conversation that went like this:

A: Sa'n mo makikita ang kasagutan sa lahat ng bagay? Clue, nagsi-simula sa malaking letrang 'G'. [Where can you find the answer to all things? Clue: it starts with the big letter 'G'.]
B: Sa'n? [Where?]
A: Edi sa Google. [On Google.]

First thing that came to my mind was God. It didn't occur to me that he would be referring to Google. He exaggerated when he said 'everything'. I've often used Google search, and it definitely doesn't answer every question that exists. It's much more disappointing that people trust Google more than God, nowadays.

I just hope that Christians will take the time to ask themselves the three questions I have stated above. I have nothing more to say.

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