Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Talk About GE

Roughly 3 more days before my birth date anniversary! :))

Since the 18th of May is fast approaching, a few people already asked me what gift I would want for my birthday. =)) Okay, I'll admit it. I've already thought about the gifts I'm goin' to receive this year, especially since I'm turning 18. I mean, it's natural for human beings like us to dream of things like that, right? :D So going back. As you all know, I'm celebrating the anniversary of my entry upon this world this coming Saturday. Some of my invited guests said they can't come, but they will surely send me a gift. Don't they know they're much more important to me than their gifts? Of course, I'd be happy to receive these things; but I'd still choose to be with YOU, rather than enjoy a gift all by myself. See? I really don't care whether you have a gift for me or not; nothing else would compare to time and moments spent with the ones important to me. Uh, just sayin'. :)) I'm not mad here or anything. :D

So, the unexpected partial unofficial election results were out even before Tuesday night came to an end. Grace Poe, who didn't even have television or radio advertisements, and one who didn't get a top post before in the surveys and polls, got the first place in the senate. Who would have thought that the support of the people to her father would be the same, even after nine years has passed since his untimely death? I saw the image of her father watermarked in one of her posters, and it came to me that the people's trust in her father surely gave her an edge among the other candidates for her to be first in the line up. I'm not saying that she doesn't have the capabilities to win without her father's help, but it is definitely a factor why she ended up being number one.

Correction on the post: Grace Poe did have a TV ad, it's just that I grew up without a television at home since Grade 4. :)) This was supposed to be posted last 15 May, 2013. But all the preparations for the 18th hindered me to do so. I'm very sorry, I really am. =)) But I want to thank everyone who greeted me a really happy birthday, those who came to the celebration, those who were not able to go, those people who gave me gifts, and our backstage crew who worked diligently behind to make the thanksgiving party a success. To God be all the highest glory! ;)

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