Thursday, July 04, 2013

'Cause I'm Your Fan ♥

Okay, since I've got the opportunity to spend time with you today, and because you forced me to tell you *that*, here's a post specially dedicated for you. :))

If you ever tried checkin' my Twitter profile, my blog's URL could be found there. Just sayin'. =)) Since you're bugging me to reveal my link earlier this day. I have a few things to say to you, and apparently it appears that I am not able to say these in personal. At least when I write (or type) here in my blog, I have time to spare to think of what words I'm going to say. I'm not really good at words, so magta-Tagalog na 'ko, para na rin po sa inyo. HAHAHA

  1. Thank you:
    • sa pag-aya sa Caf
    • sa access sa electronic Den =)))))
    • sa dedication <3 yiehhh
    • sa pangungulit, at afterwards sa hindi pagiging awkward :)))
    • sa gala :>
  2. Sorry:
    • makulit ako sa lab
    • sometimes epal ako (mema) xD
    • mabagal ako sumagot
    • hindi ako nagpo-po [outside class lang naman] 
    • palagi akong nasa likod, kasi lamonayun :p
  3. 'Yung utang mo po. HAHAHAHAHA
  4. 'Wag masyadong conceited. jk, kapayapaan!

Wala na 'kong masabi. #theEnd #bow

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