Saturday, March 02, 2013

Halcyon Years Celebration

We would've stayed a little longer in Bulacan if only we had brought extra clothes for another day. But the good thing about going back to Manila the night before the EDSA Anniversary Commemoration is that we had more time to prepare for Hannah's Junior-Senior Promenade. You see, the whole family's involved in the event; I was asked by Tita Tata to be the official photographer of the fourth year level, she asked Nanay to bring the flowers for the special awards, asked for Tatay's help with the food, and of course, Hannah, being a senior in MaSci, had to be there.

When we woke up in the morning... Hannah and I just took the time to arrange our PCs and free its hard drives. =)) It's almost out of memory, so we really needed to move some of our not-usually-used files to my external hard drive. Nanay was waiting for Tata's text message if she's still gonna buy and bring the flowers, for the prom was supposed to be held last Friday [February 22]; but due to inclement weather conditions, classes as well as the JS promenade was suspended and it was moved to Monday. When Tata finally confirmed, the three of us immediately went to Dangwa (it's the famous place in Manila that's full of flower shops) and looked for Sining's, the store that my Tita Nette suggested to Nanay.

As usual, my mom's asking for bargains and discounts from the shop's sales people, since she already contacted them beforehand last Friday. They agreed on some kind of flower arrangements for a pretty reasonable price. But just to make the long story short, my mom ended up not being satisfied of their design and arrangement. Her disappointment was so great, she just bought some sinamays and arranged it again when we arrived home, still complaining of their flower arrangement. :)) We went to Dangwa at about 10 o'clock in the morning, we arrived back home at 2:30 in the afternoon. Too short for waiting time, eh? :p You couldn't imagine our hunger during that time... so once I set foot in our house I immediately reached for the phone and quickly dialed 8-7000 [Jollibee's delivery number!]. Hannah went to the shower and took a bath, while I helped Nanay a bit to make the flowers stay fresh until later that evening. The food arrived when I was taking a bath, so it was Nanay who received the delivery. When I'm finished in the shower my sister's already telling me to iron her hair. I wanted to eat first, so I told her to dry her hair in the mean time. I just finished my rice when I started ironing her hair and I'm still eating my leftover chicken while doing that. <3 Multitasking at its finest. xD We were moving at a fast pace, since by 5pm everybody should have been finished with their registration already; aside from the fact that each of us have our own responsibilities there.

The golden celebration was indeed more than just something; it was well prepared by the Juniors and the Junior Parent-Teacher Association, headed by Mrs. Rose Uy [Tata]. What surprised me more are the magical and fantastic costumes of the students... and also the teachers! Mr. Fernando Orines, our principal, also rendered a very special number. His voice is truly awesome! \m/ It was nice after all to have a prom inside the school... though the tables for eating are kinda hard to arrange due to the limited space in the Amadome. When Tiffany and I talked about our stay in MaSci, we missed our Blackout parties and our prom, and we also wished that we had something like this inside the school. You know, the neon lights are really cool and gave a sparkling effect to the photos!

I enjoyed taking pictures of the students, as well as the teachers. It really was a memorable prom for the students. And Mr. Orines was kind enough to let the juniors and the seniors have the following day as their rest day -- which means no classes for them. :> It was also fun since I can freely go in and out of the PTA room and eat as much as I can; there are lots of food in there! Hahaha. Beside the free golden shirt I got from Tita Tata. ;) Thanks for the opportunity Tita! :*

The last part of the program -- the cotillion, was awesome too! It didn't just have the traditional dance that we did when we were part of the cotillion, but it also featured the modern ballroom dancing fierce moves. =)) At around 12:30 AM we decided that it's already time for us to go home. I still have a 7 o' clock Math 73 Lab class that day, so I've only got 4 hours of sleep. :)) I slept at 1am already since I gave Hannah copies of some pictures so she can change her profile pic on FB. It was tiring but awesome! Nice summary of the golden years of MaSci's Tradition of Excellence. ;)

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